The secrets of Hollywood. Interview with Uberto Pasolini

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The secrets of Hollywood. Interview with Uberto Pasolini

Uberto Pasolini believes that it is not necessary to all players of the industry to break into Hollywood

Former Vice-President of Columbia Pictures uberto Pasolini told why Actresses of the first magnitude are so difficult to work with.

Uberto Pasolini started out as a successful banker, but dreamed of a movie, writes Oleg Shaparenko at No. 29 in the magazine Reporter on July 29, 2016. Probably influenced by communication with my uncle — Oscar-winning Luciano Visconti. In the end, he left a financial services career, ten years as an assistant Director, and then fortune smiled — and Pasolini became Vice-President of Columbia Pictures.

The name of 59-year-old producer of Italian origin appear in such films as the full Monty, time of the Gypsies Emir Kusturica, Bel-AMI with Uma Thurman and Robert Pattinson. He is now an independent producer, member of the jury of the OIFF. The reporter talked to Gary about the specifics of the profession.

– What’s the secret to a successful movie?

The Director should illuminate the idea of the film, finding the right people and not only to feel superior and sleep with beautiful Actresses or actors. But usually the ideas for films come from producers who fall in love with the book. So it was with me during the filming of Dear friend. In the novel a lot of sex for the first time I read the book in 12 years and only because it was in French, and I then taught the language…

– In the movie are stars of the first magnitude, is it easy to negotiate with them?

— Watching someone! Spielberg can attract any man, they like money, just stick to him.

But I’m not Spielberg, and I had to show that the project is interesting and beneficial. If you don’t want to be a charity in Hollywood to sell movie expensive, not the cost. The first thing the casting — I found Robert Pattinson, he had to move away from the role of sweet boy-vampire, he was looking for a serious role.

Then agent called me Nicole Kidman – it was a great success. But then, Kidman suddenly refused. See, in this example, all the specifics of Hollywood! Nicole needs to play in another picture with Gwyneth Paltrow, who even after her marriage to Chris Martin [musician of the rock group Coldplay] have agreed that they will not work at the same time, not to leave children alone. The band changed the tour, Gwyneth moved the timing of the film, in the end, Kidman sent an agent to the film market, to announce its refusal to participate in the filming. After learning the news, the sponsors even wanted to stop the financing of the project.

– How did you overcome the situation?

— To find a replacement, I had only a few days. The Agency, which was responsible for Nicole, and was accompanied by Uma Thurman, I was, and the money intended for Kidman. Distributors this choice liked. Besides the success on the screens out the second part of Twilight, which helped us to instantly close the financing. A few days later agent called Kidman, saying that the actress is already available, but business is business and I refused. That’s why it’s hard to work with Hollywood Actresses.

– You think so only after the failure of Kidman?

— No, of course, then went and uma Thurman. This is a story about how in the film world have to be flexible. We worked in London, first actress asked to quickly shoot it to go to children in New York. Two months later, when we moved her scenes, she reconciled with her boyfriend in England and said he wants to play two days a week and the rest of the time to rest. At that moment we could not change anything in the chart, it would cost a lot of money and I refused. Thurman was offended, and for filming with me talking. Sometimes it happens that the stars surround themselves with people who perform all their whims, and in the end lose their sense of reality.

There are differences and the producer with the Director. There are two choices — either to commit suicide or to negotiate. While working on dear friend ” the Director was reading a script, but saw it as completely different things. Since I’m very stubborn, I insisted, and the movie came out so-so.

– Your more successful project — the film the full Monty.

Such luck happens once in a lifetime. When it happened, I thought: now I’ve achieved success and can do what they want, not thinking about the box office, the box office and the audience. I was asked to shoot the sequel to the Male stripper, but for me this story was already over. What could I do the characters dress?

After filming dear friend came the worst year of my film career, when I came across the newspaper article about the death of single people and about a man who buries them. From this idea came the film Staying life, which showed in Odessa at the festival. Every time I think about this film, I have my eyes on a wet place. Working on the film, I made the right decision to abandon the well-known actors. When you do a successful film for the mass market, it is likely that it will fail.

– Is there a difference between movies shoots film, and those that are really needed by society?

— As you can see, people want to see blockbusters about superheroes. Fortunately, there are exceptions. For example, the French are more demanding genres and want to watch a complicated movie. There are a number of countries, including Poland and Germany, where people in addition to American movies like national. If you look to the future, we need to look at what people (except the movie) wasting your time.

Appeared enough high-quality television series, many great actors and Directors are working on TV, 10 years ago this was not. Soon the adult audience will divide attention between movies and TV, and young people will be fascinated by the series on the Internet.

– What do you recommend for movie lovers who dream to get into Hollywood?

— To abandon the idea. If you are the Director from Ukraine, stay home, shoot the movie, which is clear to your audience, develop it in their country.


This article was published in No. 29 of the magazine Reporter on July 29, 2016. Reprinting of publications of magazine Correspondent in full is prohibited. The rules of use of the magazine Reporter published on the website Корреспондент.net can be found here.

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