The Network showed double stars Lord of the rings

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The Network showed double stars Lord of the rings

British politician like Elijah wood from Lord of the rings

The young man is the son of the leader of the labour party.

The Network showed double the famous American actor Elijah wood, who became famous after starring in the trilogy “the Lord of the rings”, reports The Mashable.

A young man named Tommy Corbin is a 23-year-old son of the leader of the British Labour party, which recently demonstrated impressive results in the elections in the UK.

Netizens began to discuss the similarities between the young son of a politician and a Hollywood actor that really catches the eye.

jeremy Corbyn’s son tommy looks exactly like elijah wood oh my god

— keiynan stan malak (@shumsende) 12 Jun 2017.


Currently obsessed with the fact Corbyn’s youngest son is basically Elijah Wood

— HannahJane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) 12 Jun 2017.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that the Network has shown double of Hollywood actress Emma Watson.

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