The daughter of Frank Sinatra because Donald trump had a fight with CNN

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The daughter of Frank Sinatra because Donald trump had a fight with CNN

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The 45th President of the United States decided to dance on the inauguration to the hit Sinatra My Way

The new US President Donald trump decided at a ball in honor of his inauguration to dance with his wife Melania under the famous song of Frank Sinatra My Way – as also reported by the American press, but this song is a trump favorite. To perform the iconic song “live” presidential couple agreed American jazz singer Erin Boheme. Shortly after it became known about the musical selection of a new President, the eldest daughter of singer Frank Sinatra, 76-year-old Nancy Sinatra was caught in a lie by CNN. He said that Nancy had allegedly expressed dissatisfaction with the use of tramp songs of her father at the inauguration, informs “Sight”.

“That’s not true. I never said that. Why are you lying, CNN?”, – wrote offended Nancy Sinatra in his microblog Twitter. The employees of the TV channel, which, according to information from reliable sources, the daughter of a famous American singer now refused to communicate their own version. Earlier, CNN reported that in response to a question about how Nancy Sinatra refers to the decision of Donald and Melania trump to hold their dance in honor of the inauguration of a song her father, My Way, Sinatra’s daughter pointedly said, “Just remember the first line of the song”. Supposedly the daughter of the singer said on Twitter, but then deleted the post, according to CNN.

The cult song Frank Sinatra My Way – “my way”, written for him by Paul Anka, begins with, And now, the end is near “And now the end is near”. Sinatra recorded a Studio version of the song on December 30 1968 and early 1969 it was first presented to the public and instantly became a hit.

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