Sergey Lazarev at the Eurovision song contest, spoke about the life of gays in Russia

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Sergey Lazarev at the Eurovision song contest, spoke about the life of gays in Russia


The singer denied the rumors about the oppression of sexual minorities by the Russian legislation

On the eve of the opening in Stockholm of the contest “Eurovision 2016″ the Russian party Sergey Lazarev gave Ronnie Larsson of the Swedish gay magazine QX” great interview, released under the title “I am not opposed to under my room waving rainbow flags”. Naturally, most questions of the “rear” of the journalist concerned his native subjects. Especially Herra Larsson were concerned about the problems with anti-homosexual laws that were supposedly experienced by people in Russia. However, to his disappointment, the singer strongly denied these ridiculous inventions of enemy propaganda.

Sergey Lazarev at the Eurovision song contest, spoke about the life of gays in Russia

Interview of Sergey Lazarev on the website of the Swedish gay magazine QX

– People do not know the laws, explained the Swede Lazarev. – We do not feel them myself. There is a lot of talk and rumors, which are not always accurate. Everyone can write what they want, and it’s not always the truth that comes out. It’s not always facts that come out.

– So, if I kissed my boyfriend in a public place, I risk imprisonment or a fine? – do not let Ronnie Larsson.

– I do not know the details of the law, but we have gay clubs and gay life in Russia is, – besieged it singer. – I sang in front of its gay fans in the big gay clubs. I respect them and they respect me. The gay audience is awesome and I am really friendly to gay people.

To top it off Lazarev boasted that in 2008, spoke at the gay parade in the UK and even made the cover of the British magazine for “blue”, expressed willingness to take part in a similar parade in Stockholm, and also admitted that as an actor do not mind to play the role of a homosexual in the cinema or the theatre. Although to call himself a “gay icon” Sergey modestly refused, considering it too high a reward, but did not object to during a performance on “the Eurovision” he was greeted with rainbow flags symbolizing the international community of sexual minorities.

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