Husband Mel b was filming love games on video

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Husband Mel b was filming love games on video

While drinking in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills lady Victoria HARVEY (left) became close friends with the commoner Bruno TONIOLI (second from the left is Mel b, the extreme right – BELAFONTE)

The main reason for the divorce, the ex-soloist of Spice Girls Melanie BROWN (Mel b) is obvious – the betrayal of her husband, film producer Stephen BELAFONTE (details). Now there are all new juicy details of their ten years of marriage.

For seven years Babysitting three kids Mel b (only one of them – from Belafonte) was a witness to their constant quarrels. And Lorraine Gilles all these years sleeping with the head of the family. Her sister says that she was genuinely fond of Stephen, and wanted to marry him. In 2014, the nanny got pregnant and started to blackmail Steven to talk to his wife. In the end, the adulterer managed to persuade the woman to bite the tongue and get an abortion. Consent passion cost the husband $300 thousand.

Husband Mel b was filming love games on video After a family quarrel on the face of Mel b of the traces of beatings

In 2015, Mel learned about the adultery. Particularly infuriated her that the “blessed” brazenly declared, say, Lorraine 15 years younger and much more beautiful than her. Enacted a terrible quarrel, during which Belafonte beat the Chalk.

A love triangle collapsed in 2016, after a joint family holiday in Ibiza. Lorraine wanted Steven gone to her children, but was fired, and after a long think Mel filed for divorce.

Husband Mel b was filming love games on video A love triangle between Steven, Lorraine and Mel

In addition, Mel b says that her husband was secretly recorded on video their marital sex and then sold the tape. Probably needed money for an abortion for his mistress.

My two cents worth in the current showdown has made British socialite lady Victoria Harvey. She expressed serious concern that Belafonte recorded a wild drinking in a Villa in the Hollywood Hills. During one of them the aristocrat had sex with a member of the “dancing with the stars” Bruno Tonioli and now afraid to lose the remnants of his already tarnished reputation. At the end of March, by the way, Mel put this family nest on sale for $7.9 million.

Husband Mel b was filming love games on video Nanny Lorraine GILLES destroyed the family of their employers

Another dog hung on Belafonte – the accusation that he hid his wife’s passport. Last month the father of Mel b died in the UK from cancer, and she could not go to the funeral.

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