Heard withdrew the requirement of child support from Depp media

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Heard withdrew the requirement of child support from Depp media

Amber Heard refused to temporary alimony from Johnny Depp

The actress wants to draw attention to domestic violence, not monetary issues.

American actress amber heard has withdrawn legal requirement of temporary maintenance from her husband, movie star Johnny Depp, according to TMZ.

A corresponding request should have been considered in the court on Friday, June 17, but a lawyer for the actress has filed the paperwork for waiver of this requirement.

Hurd argues that the stated desire of alimony only because they considered a standard procedure in the process of divorce. But now this requirement, as stated in the documents was used in order to turn the public against the wife of Depp and distract from the issue of domestic violence.

The initial request for funds for temporary maintenance included in the statement of income of Johnny Depp in 30 million U.S. dollars last year, in connection with which the amount of maintenance was estimated to be worth up to a million dollars a month.

It should also be noted that amber heard has the opportunity again to demand the money after the court decision about a restraining order, limiting the possibility of Johnny Depp to approach her closer than a hundred yards.

Earlier it was reported that the accused Johnny Depp of the beatings amber heard may win $20 million. the famous actor in the process of divorce.

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