Movies get a second life

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The last few years in the world of jokes about Hollywood, namely that he is experiencing a crisis of ideas. And, as they say, every joke has some truth. You should pay attention to the movies that are now coming to understand you have ever seen.

For example, the famous “Ghost Hunters“, which at the time was popular with the public. But why not leave them in the same time when they were nice and fun to watch? Apparently, the creators of the new “women’s version” of the film, which will soon be released on wide screens, I decided to squeeze a couple of drops (in millions) from this story.

The second example is the legendary TV series 90s “Baywatch“, which gave all the boys-the teenagers of the world Pamela Anderson. For him also come from a modern movie makers – from the series will feature Comedy that will be released in 2017.

Such examples are in fact plenty. And if you condemn such remakes, think about it: after all, if they continue to shoot, so someone is watching. Perhaps now the world is far more spectators which will go to the cinema on a familiar name, than to risk and to buy tickets to something unfamiliar, or worse, independent art films.

But not necessary to put an end to all remakes, some of them came out quite good. Today we remember the famous movies that got a second life and who are really worth a look.

Dracula, 1931 and 1992

Movies get a second life

Today, after we experienced all the “Twilight” movies, several seasons of “Buffy”, “vampire Diaries” and other vampire stories, “Dracula” is unlikely to impress. However, this hero has one advantage – he is a true legend.

Tarzan, 1932 and 2016

Movies get a second life

Adaptations of the original story writer Edgar rice Burroughs mass, while the latter is in theaters. The promises of the writers of the film “Tarzan. Legend” they tried to adhere to the original source. It remains to check how the words correspond to the truth. If you have already managed to take my girlfriend to the movies, surprise her with a photo session in a Studio in Moscow.

King Kong, 1933 and 2005

Movies get a second life

Film about this monster allowed the creators to demonstrate the power of computer graphics and special effects of the 21st century. Now work is underway on a new version of king Kong called “skull Island”. In the future plans to push king Kong with no less famous opponent – Godzilla in 2020.

Godzilla 1954 and 2014

Movies get a second life

This monster started its life in the hands of the Japanese, and finished in New York. The original picture has a few remakes, but the most successful is called movie 2014.

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