In the seventh season of “Game of thrones” will burn a record number of people

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Looks like the dragons, Daenerys will have a lot of work

It became known that in one of the new episodes of “Game of thrones” will show a record number of people burned. Such a large-scale arson will be linked to the assault of fire-breathing dragons on people. The source reports that during the filming had to burn 73 stuntman, and 20 of them were burning at the same time.

David Benioff, writer and producer of the series, said that the head of a group of stuntmen really wanted to get into the “Guinness Book of records”, and, most likely, he did it, because this is a massive “arson” happened in the movie “Saving private Ryan” where the fire was 13 stunt, and “Braveheart” – 18 people.

In the seventh season of Game of thrones will burn a record number of people

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