As a soloist of the legendary “ABBA” became “a gift to Hitler”

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As a soloist of the legendary “ABBA” became “a gift to Hitler”

As a soloist of the legendary ABBA became a gift to Hitler

Benny ANDERSSON, Anni-Frid LYNGSTAD, Agneta FELTSKOG and Bjorn ULVAEUS have created one of the most successful bands in the history of pop music- “ABBA”. By the way, in 1974 they won the Eurovision with funny song “Waterloo”

Dark-haired vocalist of the legendary Swedish group “ABBA“, Anni-Frid Lyngstad was born in 1945, the year of Victory over Nazi Germany. The future singer was one of the children, the so-called gifts to Hitler.

The mother of Anni-Frid became a 19-year-old Norwegian , Sunny Lyngstad, the father of a Sergeant of the German Wehrmacht Alfred Haase. During the Second world war, troops of the Third Reich occupied Norway and carried out in its territory the experiments to produce racially pure “breed” of people – the true Aryans.

FOR REFERENCE: the basis for the “production” was based on the theory of racial hygiene, a Swiss-German psychiatrist Alfred platta. He believed that the parents have to eat right, to exercise, to observe the regime, and most importantly – have a “right” from the point of view of heredity origin. After childbirth, a special Commission must decide whether it turned out a good child, is to leave him to live or appropriate “to reject”.

In 1936, in Nazi Germany, the organization was created “Lebensborn” which set the task to create a Golden gene pool of the German nation. The Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler with a straight face said, “after 120 years all the Germans would be again a full-blooded Aryans!”

For this purpose in different countries of Europe was under the heel of the Nazis, has opened a special network of maternity homes. They received competent service of the wife of the Germans, especially the SS and policemen, as well as the local unmarried women are eligible and have given birth from “someone should”. Leave kids be able to afford or give to education in German families.

As a soloist of the legendary ABBA became a gift to Hitler The inscription on German brooches of the Third Reich: “we are Holy, every mother of good blood.” For each fourth of the “right” of the child was awarded to a German mother’s cross, she was given a silver candlestick engraved with: “You’re only a link in the endless chain of generations”

From 1936 to 1945 in hospitals “Lebensborn” came to light more than 20 thousand babies. Called them gifts to Hitler. Almost 12 thousand babies first cry from a distance in Norway. This was not surprising. Tall blond Norwegians could not be better fit the stereotype of the “true Aryan” and was used by the soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht high demand.

One of the experimental children became the future vocalist “ABBA” , Anni-Frid Lyngstad. After the war her mother, like other “of an accomplice of the invaders”, was subjected to constant humiliation, it not only despised, but also beaten. 14 thousands of women were sent to internment camps. The head physician of the largest mental hospital stated that “local residents perespevshie with the Germans, should be considered mentally retarded social psychopaths”. So 80 percent of their children should be attributed to the underdeveloped.

In the atmosphere of hatred came and Anni-Frid. They called her a fascist bastard. Fearing that the girl taken away and placed in a special boarding school, Sunny Lyngstad with her mother moved to Sweden. Unfortunately, she soon died from acute renal failure. She was only 21 years old.

Anni-Frid was an orphan living with his father Alfred Haase learned about the birth of his daughter only after 32 years. Their relationship is never developed.

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