A trailer for a new film about the Wolverine was a hit

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A trailer for a new film about the Wolverine was a hit

New trailer for the movie about Wolverine with Hugh Jackman

For the first day the movie has collected 4.5 million views.

The company 20th Century Fox revealed the trailer for the new movie about Wolverine. Tape the “Logan” is expected on the big screen in March 2017. Two-minute video released on the YouTube channel, the company reached 4.5 million views for the first day.

This time the main characters are Logan (Hugh Jackman), as well as the girl’s a mutant in the performance of Daphne keen.

Apart from them the film also stars Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook and Richard E. Grant. The Director of the movie was made by James Mangold, who directed the film “the Wolverine” and “Knight and day”.

In the film, to resist the enemy of powerful corporations under the leadership of Nathaniel Essex, this time to Logan and Professor Xavier, which remained without a team of X-Men. However, the ability to regenerate at Logan’s age goes, and Xavier is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

To help them comes the female clone of Wolverine – girl is a mutant, who skillfully deals with enemies.

Earlier it was reported that the trailer for the new “Strangers” became a hit in the network, collecting millions of views.

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