7 beach sports to keep you active

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7 beach sports to keep you active

If lounging around on the beach all day isn’t your idea of a holiday, why not try some of the following beach sports to keep you busy and help burn off some of those extra calories:

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1. Go for a run: Running on dry, loose sand is hard work, but is a great way to burn calories, and can also strengthen your feet and ankles.

2. Learn to SUP: Rent a Stand Up Paddle board and use those wind-free, waveless days to learn how to SUP. It offers a total body workout. 

3. Surf’s up: Surfing works your core, arms and shoulders. Most surf shops offer beginner lessons, as well as wetsuit and board hire.

4. Beach volleyball: The explosive movements, short sprints and the throwing action all combine to give you an excellent workout.

5. Swimming: Swimming in the sea is very different to pool swimming as there are waves to contend with, as well as other sea-goers. As long as you’re a strong swimmer and are mindful of the recommended swimming areas, this activity offers a fantastic full-body workout.

6. Beach Frisbee: Even for those who aren’t very sporty, playing Frisbee is great aerobic exercise, and just 20 minutes can burn a respectable number of calories.

7. Yoga: Either at sunset or at sunrise, an hour of yoga, filling your lungs with fresh sea air, and using the sound of the waves to energise your flow, yoga on the beach can only help to strengthen that holiday feeling.

Amy Froneman


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